Solar Panel Cleaning...

‘Dry’  Solar Panel Cleaning Solution

Lots of window cleaning companies are currently advertising ‘Solar Panel Cleaning’ as part of their service. They should be approached with great caution.

Solar Panels, by their very nature, have extensive electrical connections feeding to an electrical terminal. RCS understand that water and electric are not a great mix, and so we only use CO2 cleaning processes (see our  ‘sister company’ ) as the optimum dry cleaning solution.

The process involves splitting 3mm dry ice pellets through a mesh disk as they are fired at the surface to be cleaned. This action creates a ‘snow effect’, making the cleaning process completely non abrasive while removing even the most stubborn contaminant. The CO2, on impact, returns to a gas. No water, no residue and as we only use recycled CO2, completely carbon neutral and environmentally safe!