Floor Restoration

Restoring worn and tired flooring to its original condition was the core foundation of RCS when the company was formed in 1948. We are glad to say that we have carried on with those original traditions although our techniques may have changed a little! RCS specialises in restoration, maintenance and cleanings services for marble, granite, limestone and all natural stone surfaces along with maintenance of acrylic flooring. We also strip and re seal all wood flooring’s.

RCS offers a complete marble/granite floor restoration programme using the very latest in Diamond abrasive pads. This involves a 3 step mechanical process that starts with grinding the surface of the stone with an abrasive rotary pad. The second stage is to buff the stone with a finer pad to smooth the surface. The final stage is polish up the stone using fine diamond abrasive pads in order to achieve a shine. We use a similar process to clean/sharpen up old terrazzo floors.