Fire Restoration

Fire Restoration is a highly skilled operation in terms of getting successful results. Not so long ago, chemicals, many cloths and a lot of elbow grease were required to remove the soot that a fire leaves embedded in walls, ceiling etc. RCS now deploy Dry Ice Blasting machinery to ensure top results and soot free surfaces when cleaning after a fire.

Dry Ice blasting is a high velocity discharge of a blast media using compressed air. The media is frozen CO2, commonly know as dry ice, which is environmentally friendly and is kind to the substrates surface which is being cleaned.

There is no end to the applications which Dry Ice blasting can be used. From brickwork, metal, plastic, wood, glass and rubber. It can remove graffiti, paint, rust, grease, and years of dirt and corrosion and of course, fire damage. You name it, we are 99% sure we can do it!