Reynolds Cleaning Provides a Speedy Decontamination Solution...

RCS have recently won a contract to provide  full factory industrial decontamination services in the Petro Chemical sector. During the initial clean down a traditional process for cleaning a machine rota, that was suggested as best method by the customer, was proving to be too slow and cumbersome.

After lengthy discussions with the client, we persuaded them that dry ice blasting was a safe and quick way to descale the machinery in question. The rota is delicate in parts, and so the thought of adding high velocity blast media on to the surface, without damaging it, was quite daunting for the customer to understand.


After initial tests RCS proved that dry ice blasting was best practice. Not only did the process remove 100% of scale (which the traditional method couldn’t do), it also managed it in a quarter of the time.

The customer has been so impressed we have now rolled out dry ice blasting to other machinery in the factory.

By Ian Reynolds