Industrial Decontamination Services...

RCS are seeing a massive surge for our services in industrial decontamination sector.  Along with Optimum Dry Ice Blasting (our other company) full factory clean downs can now be achieved in a quicker timeframe than even we believed!

The armoury of machinery now at RCS’ disposal is ever growing and gives the company, as a whole, a forward facing ‘can do’ attitude to almost every problem we encounter.Header_Industrial-11.jpg

A recent example was when cleaning down a chemical factory. Dry ice blasting was utilised to remove the built up debris and grime found on almost every surface. However, it was ineffective in removing a gluten based residue found in a section of the factory. It was decided that our DOFF superheated system would be better used to ‘dissolve’ the build up to a capture point and then dry ice was used to finish off the deep clean.

Without our knowledge of the DOFF system we would have struggled to attain a 100% removal rate, leading to an embarrassing meeting with the client!

Luckily, we have the machinery and knowledge to cover just about every angle.

By Ian Reynolds