Eco Cleaning

We consider ourselves as one of the pioneers in ‘green’ cleaning. Since 1997 RCS decided to ‘switch’ from conventional cleaning chemicals to more Eco friendly cleaning solutions.

We work closely with our suppliers to provide us with the very best in eco friendly chemicals and we also implement CFC (Chemical Free Cleaning) into all of our operations where possible. Since February 2012 we have introduced a zero waste policy and have recently approached the Zero Waste Alliance UK to help us audit  our commitment.

We believe our environmental focus isn’t just designed to meet our own targets, but also to meet our clients sustainability goals.

Below is part of our environmental statement:

‘The company ethos is ‘green’ cleaning. This covers commercial and domestic
cleaning, cleaning for health and hygiene and cleaning for the environment, our
3 main components.                                                                                                                                 

The aim of RCS is to deliver the highest standard of cleaning based on processes identified through recognised scientific methods. To ensure that we maintain our primary position in the industry we identify innovative ecological solutions by using green products, effective training practises and procedures that enable our highest standards are delivered on every occasion. 
RCS recognises the importance increasingly being given to eco-sensitive and environmental aspects of cleaning and restoration, commonly referred to as ‘green cleaning’.
We closely follow and study the science and technology that underpins green cleaning in order to maintain a high level of understanding in new methods. Where some previous approaches to green cleaning may have resulted in compromise to actual cleaning performance and efficiency, RCS ensure that our processes do not allow this compromise through our effective staff training and quality management programme. It is the policy of RCS to ensure that all aspects of cleaning science and environmental science are used to form the consistently reviewed content of our company training programme.  RCS green cleaning policy emphasis is cleaning safely and effectively, as well as being environmentally sound. We look to environmental groups, Government guidelines and scientific research for guidance on this important issue for our collective industries.‘ 
Our policy is to:

• Continually improve our environmental performance by carrying
out regular reviews and monitoring of our environmental
• Provide our employees with training and information in relation
to environmental issues and the environmental effects of
their activities as individuals.
• Assess the environmental impact of our operations and reassess
• Recognise and exceed the requirements of current legislation
and approved codes of practice where applicable.
• Prevent pollution, emissions and waste, together with the use
of raw materials and energy.
• Encourage similar standards from all customers, suppliers,
and contractors on environmental matters.
• Take action to support our local communities and the local
• Ensure that all employees and associates understand our environmental
policy and conform to the high standards it requires.
• Minimise energy, water and vehicle usage.

 Ian Reynolds

Managing Director RCS