Carpet Cleaning For Birmingham and Solihull...

The last few months have seen an absolute explosion in our carpet cleaning services for Birmingham and Solihull. So much so that we have recently undertaken a price check against our competitors, just to make sure we are still competitive.

Carpet cleaning is a crowded market so we always look to offer value to our customers. To offer value we need to make sure our services are competitive. We are glad to say the RCS are still one of the cheapest carpet cleaning service suppliers around, and have been for over 60 years!

Carpet cleaning around Birmingham and Solihull was pioneered by Reynolds Industrial Cleaning (RIC was the original company to RCS) around 1956. RIC first introduced carpet cleaning to the offices of Wimbushes, a local bread making factory based in Birmingham. The industry has seen a lot of changes since those early days but, safe to say, the quality of service is still the same!

Our commitment to carpet cleaning has meant we have further upgraded our machinery assets, meaning we have state of the art machines to make sure the job is done properly every time.

Carpet Cleaning

*RCS have a policy of no ‘up selling’. The price we quote is guaranteed for the service described*